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P2A takes a proactive approach to professional paraplanning. The team at P2A work closely with Financial Planners to offer a complete paraplanning service to ensure clients are provided with personalised and effective financial advice. P2A’s unique ability to deliver real-world strategies and solutions sets them apart from the rest.

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Our Approach

We implement processes and strategies that provide ongoing support to our Adviser Network and Dealer Group. Read more...

Our Value

With the introduction of the New Advice Framework, P2A identified that more Financial Planners now require assistance with not only providing clear and concise advice documents but also assistance with the administration processes. Read more...

Adviser Requests

Confirms all relevant documentation have been uploaded into Xplan or via Email


Provide ETA within 24 hours And assigns dedicated specialist


Prepares documents within Xplan using the most current NAF process.

Quality Control

SOA vetted by senior paraplanner prior to delivery


Check SOA and if necessary, provide feedback

Advice Documents

Turnaround Time

Single strategy
3 - 5 business days
2 strategies
5 - 7 business days
3 strategies
5 - 7 business days
Gearing / Multiple Entities / Strategy Papers
5 – 14 business days

Other Services

Statement of Advice (SOAs)
Record of Advice (ROAs)
Strategy Papers
Wealth Solver
Risk Researcher (RR)

Helping Small Businesses


Happy Customers
% Satisfaction

Outsourced Paraplanning Empowering Efficiency


Quality Assurance

No rework required


Fixed Rate

Fast Delivery

3-5 Business days

Why P2A


Our Advice Documents are produced to the highest quality standard and easy to comprehend, this enables Financial Planners to present and deliver recommendations more effectively to clients and helps foster a strong ongoing relationship.

P2A is a convenient and cost-effective solution to your Advice Document production requirements. Our Advice Documents can be produced in a timeframe as short as 3 business days so Financial Planners can reconnect with the clients quickly to deliver the presentation and also implement the strategies.

We guarantee to use the most current tools provided such as Xplan and the New Advice Framework (NAF). We can act as a trusted sounding board for Financial Planners that like to discuss strategic options and can generate multiple scenarios for Financial Planners to present to their client. We collaborate with individual Financial Planners to tailor documents based on business preference

We keep up to date with ever-changing legislative requirements to ensure Financial Planners meet compliance standards. Our professional paraplanners are located within Australia and have a minimum education (RG146) and receive compulsory training to ensure their knowledge and skills are parallel with current compliance issues, IT processes and interpersonal skills.

Outsourced Paraplanning Made Easy

Meet P2A’s Founder and Principle Paraplanner


Karen Benfield has a rich background within the financial planning industry. During this time, she has worked with small to medium financial planning businesses, NAB Private Wealth and JBwere, as-well as specialising in assisting advisers with meeting their outsourced paraplanning needs. Karen has also earned the pinnacle and internationally recognised designation of a Certified Financial Planner. With over 20 years’ experience she sets high standards for herself and team.

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