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Karen Benfield has identified in 2004 there was a growing need for outsourced paraplanning in the financial planning industry and as such established P2A to fill this need and also dedicate her time to be there for her family. Initially P2A was providing assistance to a small group of Financial Planners as well as 360 Paraplanning and NAB FP when needed.

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Our Approach

We acknowledge the Dealer Group requires professional organized support for the Adviser network. Read more...

Our Value

P2A can see that the introduction with the New Advice Framework more advisers are needing assistance to put together advice documents which are clear and concise. Read more...

Adviser Requests

Confirms all relevant documentation have been uploaded into Xplan or via Email

Acknowledge request

Provide ETA within 24 hours And assigns dedicated specialist

SOA Production

Prepares SOA within Xplan using the most current NAF process. Any problem arises will confer with P2A senior paraplanner/ Adviser

Quality Control

SOA vetted by senior paraplanner prior to delivery


Check SOA and if necessary, provide feedback

Statement Of Advice

Turnaround Time

Single strategy
3 - 5 business days
2 strategies
5 - 7 business days
3 strategies
5 - 7 business days
Gearing, Multiple Entities
5 – 14 business days

Other Services

Record of Advice
Insurance Quotes
Risk Researcher
Wealth Solver
Product Cost Comparison
Research/ Data Collections
Time Critical
Compliance Update

Helping Small Businesses


Happy Customers
% Satisfaction

Outsource Paraplanning Empowering Efficiency


Quality Assurance

No rework required


Fixed Rate

Fast Delivery

3-5 Business days

Why P2A


Our Advice Documents are produced to the highest quality standard in the industry and easy to comprehend. This enables advisers to present and deliver recommendations more effectively to clients and helps to foster a strong ongoing relationship.

We have a strong technical team keeping up to date with the latest regulatory changes in the financial arena. This allows us to look at the greater picture to generate multiple scenarios for the advisers to present and identify the optimal strategy for their clients.

Main area of P2A core principle is to have Advice Documents produced to the highest quality as well as up today compliance requirements. We commit to keeping up with the Licensee Standards which reflect the ever changing industry legislation.

P2A is a fast, easy, convenient and cost-effective streamlined solution to your SOA production requirements. Our SOAs can be produced in a timeframe as short as 5 business days so advisers can reconnect with the clients quickly to deliver the SOA presentation and also implement the strategies. Our primary focus in addition to producing SOAs to our advisers in a quick turnaround timeframe are the strategies presented in the SOA whilst maintaining one of the most competitive price offerings in the Australian market.

Outsourced Paraplanning Make Easy

Meet P2A’s Founder and Principle Paraplanner


Karen Benfield has a rich background within the financial planning services industry for over 20 years. During this time, she has worked with NAB private wealth and JBwere for four years and also has 15 years of experience specialising in assisting advisers for meeting their outsourced paraplanning service . Karen has also earned the pinnacle and internationally recognised destination of a Certified Financial Planner in 2004 which she is proud of and sets high standards for herself and demonstrates to her team.

Outside of work, Karen enjoys spending quality time with her family, as well as relaxing and catching up with friends and relatives.

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